Welcome to Acumen Care Services

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Welcome to Acumen Care Services

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Quality Recruitment

We make it a condition of employment that recruits must undertake a Health & Social Care Apprenticeship at Level 2/3 – this ensuring that we only attractpeople who are genuinely interested in the field of health care.

Consistent Staff

Retaining staff through all of these measures provides us with perhaps the most important quality of all – the ability to send you the same people regularly when requested in advance

Fully Trained Staff

All staff are fully trained in Moving & Positioning, First Aid, Positive Behaviour Management and the All Wales Induction Framework

Easing Pressure at Stressful Times

Acumen Care Services are owned and run by experienced nurses and managers, with a unique insight into your needs. In an ideal world, no residential service wants to use agency staff. Your service depends on staff. Your service depends on staff who are experienced in delivering the unique service you provide. At the same time, unexpected staffing needs are always likely to arise such as staff illness or departures, or there may be difficulty in recruiting in your area.

At these times, we completely understand that your service is under pressure and you want to resolve the problem with a phone call

Experience does matter!

  • Quality Recruitment
  • Consistent Staff
  • Fully Trained Staff